Menu of the day: Crispy SSX (fire res list)

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Menu of the day: Crispy SSX (fire res list)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:07 pm

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here 2 little buddies of mine :p
ow and they will burn U nice and crispy so here a list off possible fire res items. I didn't add MC/TB/kazzak/Azu items. MC may drop or not and i dont see us Doing any outdoor.


15 Cloak of Flames - Cloak (drop MC/UBRS random)
15 Fire Striders - Boots (drop STRAT Balnezzar)
9 Chromatic Cloak Cloak (creation DSLW)
15 Wildfire Cape - cloak (drop BRD Pyroguard Emberseer)
10 Skullsmoke Pants - Legs (drop SCHOLO Vectus)
20 Polychromatic Visionwrap - Chest (drop UBRS Solakar Flamewreath)
16 Onyxia Scale Cloak* - Cloak (creation LW)
15 Circle of Flame - Head (drop BRD Ambassador Flamelash)
10 Mageflame Cloak - Cloak (random WORLD drop)
7 Cape of the Fire Salamander - Cloak (drop BRD Ambassador Flamelash)
6 Cloak of Fire - Cloak (Creation Tailor)
18/18/17 Wizzardweave chest/head/leg (creation Tailor)
10 Starfire Tiara - head (drop rare spawn UBRS Jed Runewatcher)
10 Dragonrider Boot's - boots(Drop UBRS Rend Blackhand)
10 Smokey's Drape - Cloak (quest reward EP When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent)
10 Flameweave Cuffs - Wrist <random enchant> (drop BRD Lord Incendius)

*we need to kill onyxia first and a LW must deliver the head. I can make the Cindercloth Cloak myself for the Cloak.


20 Flamescarred Girdle - Waist (Drop STRAT Maleki the Palid)
10 Flamescarred Shoulders - Shoulders (Drop DMW Magister Kalendris)
18 Volcanic Shoulders - Shoulders (Creation ELLW = 10RL 1EoF 1 EoE 1RT)
10 Nightbrace Tunic - Chest (Drop UBRS Solakar Flamewreath)
8 Felhide Cap - Head (Drop DME Lethtendris)
10 Coal Miner Boots - Feet (drop BRD Hurley Blackbreath)
20 Volcanic Breastplate - Cest (Creation ELLW = 8RL 1EoF 1EoE 1RT)
10 Cinderhide Armsplints<random enchant> - Wrist (Drop BRD Lord Incendius)
20 Volcanic Leggings - Legs (Creation ELLW = 6RL 1EoF 1CoE RT)
10 Flamestrider Robes - Chest (drop BRD Pyromancer Loregrain)
10 Bloodfire Talons - Gloves (drop ST Dreamscythe Hazzas Morphaz Weaver)(really nice for druids if no cenarion)
10 Cow King's Hide - Chest (random WORLD drop)
5 Helm of Fire - Head (Creation ELLW = 40 TL 8HoF 8CoE 2CTL 4HST)


13 Black Dragonscale Leggings - Legs (Creation DSLW = 60BDS 40RL 2EL 1CRH 1RT)
10 Flame Walkers - Feet (drop UBRS Goraluk Anvilcrack)
12 Red Dragonscale Breastplate - Chest (Creation DSLW = 40RL 30RDS 1RT)(+66 healing pala's?)
10 Drakesfire Epaulets - Shoulders (random WORLD drop)
6 Black Dragonscale Shoulders - Shoulders (DSLW Creation = 44RL 45BDS 2EL 1CRH 1RT)
12 Black Dragonscale Breastplate - Chest (DSLW Creation = 60BDS 20RL 1CRH 1RT)
10 Molten Fists - Hands ( drop BRD Ambassador Flamelash)
10 Pyremail Wristguards<random enchant) - wrist (drop BRD Lord Incendius)
10 Searingscale Leggings - Legs (drop BRD Pyromancer Loregrain)
13 Dragonscale Breastplate - Cest (DSLW Creation = 40TL 30DS 4CTH 4HST)
13 Iridescent Scale Leggings - Legs (Drop STV rare Scale Belly)
10 Firemane Leggings - Legs (drop BRD Pyromancer Loregrain)
10 Sunblaze Coif - Head (random SM drop)


20 Lavawalker Greaves - Feet (drop STRAT maleki the Palid)
10 Hydralick Armor - Chest (Random WORLD drop)
10 Emberplate Armguards<random enchant> - Wrist (Drop BRD Lord Incendius)
10/10/7/5/8/6 Thorium Items (BS creation)
Runic not worth the ARC bars go fetch ur Arc Reaper.
plate list isn't really needed since all warrs(MT's) will stalk QD for DI items :sweat: .
And pala's can find better alternatives with int/sta whatever stats extra on it in cloth/leather/mail.


10 Draconian Deflector - Shield (drop UBRS General Drakkisath)
10 Skullflame Shield - Shield (random WORLD drop)

10 Torch of Austen - Wand (random WORLD drop)
8 Flaming Incinerator - Wand (Drop ZF random of Bosses)


20 Elemental Mage Staf - 2Hand (random WORLD drop)
10 Kindling Stave - 2Hand (drop BRD Pyromancer Loregrain


10 Elder Magus Pendant - Neck (drop DmW Magister Kalendris)
15 Magmus Stone - Off hand (drop BRD Magmus)
7 Smoking Heart of the Mountain - Trinket (Enchanter Creation BoP)
15 Blazing Emblem - Trinket (random WORLD drop)
10 Seal of Ascension - Ring (quest UBRS key)
18 Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector - Trinket (Creation ENGI)
15 Tidal loop - Ring (quest Hands of the Enemy)
8 Ward of the Elements - Trinket (onyxia chain quest reward first part before note)
15 Drakefire Amulet - Neck (onyxia chain quest reward)
10 Father Flame - off hand(crystal egg part UBRS)
15 Skull of Burning Shadows - off hand (drop STRAT Maleki the Palid)
10 Magebane Scion - off hand (quest reward EP battle of Darrowshire chain)


7 enchant on cloak (1 elemental fire+Lesser Mystic Essence)
5 enchant on shoulders (AD revered quest 9G cost)
5 enchant on Cloak (all res)
20*2 Libram of Resilience - Head/Legs(Quest book World drop lvl 50+ mobs)

i know there more feel free to add anything i missed.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 11:07 pm

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Thank you :)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:25 am

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Very nice list.

See some things I might just try to pick up. :)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:49 am

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You can actually see how I'm about to kill Ragnaros with my hammer of wrath down there in the corner.. But I didn't want to steal the picture.. So I let the poor live ;(
No.. I didn't know about the set when I made the character! :|

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:02 am

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OMG :D I forgot about Draconic Deflector :D.

+10 Fire res for Arche XD

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 9:19 pm

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As a cloth user I got most of my fire resistance from the wizardweave set (head,chest,legs) however they were really really hard to collect I had to post on WoW realm forum and stuff, so if any other cloth user is looking for this wizardweave set (fire res: head 18, legs 16, chest 18) I know a few peopel that can make some:


Good luck with collecting your fire resistance gear!!!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 11:09 am

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Yay! Got my fire res up to over 100 unbuffed.

Thanks Integra, Nyonve and Healina for the Wizardweave stuff. :)

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