All You Ex-Neocron Players...

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All You Ex-Neocron Players...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:09 pm

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Fair enough.

To explain a side-reason, this server is what our dev told Kirk he could do for the game, what he could fix, & what he could implement/balance. This includes the anti-cheat/auto-ban system that's in effect. Currently he's fixing more things after already balancing 1 class, & adding a few new rare items. All these things he's practicing/proving he can do for the game, Kirk turned down. There's even a few GMs from nc1 & 2.1 being apart of the GM crew.

Also currently, the Dev is thinking of eventually selling the game back to KK after all the fixes & balancing/changes are done, under certain agreement circumstances. (KK wouldn't maintain or develop nc3. Our dev crew would.) Basically we're beta testing nc3. ;) If you ever want to see nc3 happen, you'll join us so we can have a much larger playerbase & be able to spot/fix bugs/issues quickly. Also, to help discuss and put your word in on changes planned, balancing discussions, item creation/modification, etc. Granted, with it being the same gfx engine, it would prolly end up just being a re-launch & an expansion, then after cash flow starts, creation with a new & better gfx engine could begin, so that NC3 can satisfy the ammount of hype it is.


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