All You Ex-Neocron Players...

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All You Ex-Neocron Players...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:07 am

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......To find this post on yall's forums....when I'm currently searching for oldschool clans to destiny & just plain sexy...

But if you want to play nc again, with x4 xp-rate, active GMs, patch discussions on TS with the head developer, daily events, hybrid malice removed & Hybrid Mc5 chip added, stuff being fixed KK never bothered to fix, and tons more on the way.....


This just plain REVIVED our clan. guys we havent seen on TS in YEARS are back. we have ~25+ & still counting returning from our clan alone, but I don't want to delay getting another clan to play with us so we can all have good fun like we all used to. [EDITED] :thumb:

If you post, still, on the official nc forums, dont say a word. keep this hush hush
ps- KK is no longer a company, Kirk is broke, and the retail servers are currently being run at a friend's house in Canada. That's the unspoken truth.

Mod Edit: Post split due to apparent promotion of piracy/misuse of IP. Also edited to remove instructions on how to join what's being offered.

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