A request

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A request

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:59 am

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Star Citizen is something a lot of us here are invested in, both individually and as a group, but it is also a game which tends to attract controversy and heated discussions across different communities, ours included.

Since I backed SC 3 years ago and first became interested in the project, I have slowly seen the vision of the game that I was sold on, slowly come into place & take form. From seeing teaser clips of things from ATV & such, to the live stage demos, PTU releases and ultimately hitting the live servers for players to then play & see in action for themselves, the developers have continued to deliver on the game I chose to buy into & help support and have (previously), played many of these updates firsthand.

There's still a way to go of course, but for me personally (and without having any prior experience with CR to judge him on), I've never had any cause for complaint as to where my money has gone or what they have been doing with it. Neither can I complain about the time in which they've been taking to make the game - Rome wasn't built in a day, and when you compare it to some other games (StarCraft II, L.A. Noire, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shenmue - all of which were in development for some 6-7 years), In these 5 years I think CIG have made some amazing accomplishments given the sheer size & scope of the game in comparison to some of those mentioned. I can only speak for myself here though and it's still just my opinion. I know some people have strong feelings as to why they may feel otherwise sometimes, or may feel less happy or critical of certain choices CR & the developers have made along the way too. I can appreciate & understand those, even if I'll often disagree with them myself. - I want to see it become a success and when I see people (on the net in general) avoid any of the positivity and just focus on finding faults & seem to want it to fail, I can be one of those people who feels a little protective over it at times. For SC to fail means an end to any potential group of ours before it even gets started. I want that group for us.

It's fine to disagree on stuff every now and then and debates are fine, but if we're to discuss SC on places like Discord in the future can we try & keep the discussion friendly and as positive as possible? We're all adults here & are perfectly capable of having debates without berating each other, being intentionally antagonistic or resulting to name calling. If we really want to make a go of the SC group & help build our community we won't get there by arguing over (or bashing) the game we're looking to do it in. We'll only turn people away, or risk losing friends we've had for years. I don't want to see either of those happen so let's stop now.

I've posted this about SC but it should of course go for any discussions. Please moderate yourself when you type (and yes, I intend to take my own advice here too!) and think about how you're coming across to others before you hit enter.

<3 you guys, let's not see any more fallouts eh? We're better than that :)
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Re: A request

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:51 pm

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Sounds good, no problem.

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