Your 2015 Arbiter Nominees

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Your 2015 Arbiter Nominees

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:06 pm

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Some of this is going to be a repeat of stuff I've already said this past week or so but for the purpose of the nominees thread, here's my "speech".

I'm not going to go into detail on real life stuff but my rl isn't incredibly busy like some of yours is which is how I've been able to spend so much time around here as well as the responsibilities I've taken on for STR as well. I won't always be able to but given that, I think I probably already do more than anyone else here and more than is probably healthy for me. Those were my choice though and I would never expect the same off anyone else. Someone needed to step up though and I've been in a position to do the things I've done.

Saying this though, despite my several attempts at trying to stir forum activity (even with giveaways), for a while now the forums have been getting increasingly less active. Talking generally here but people have been doing less, visiting less and posting less, all whilst I've been taking on more and trying to pick up the slack. I'm not going to complain about that because they were my choice as I say, but as I have been nominated for Arbiter and people may vote to put that responsibility in my hands as well, I think it's important to say. I'm not going to decline the position but I do hope things pick up in that respect. I'd like to see people visiting more, joining in when they can, creating discussions of their own etc. I shouldn't be able to look on Steam or elsewhere and see people are happily gaming/posting away on a regular basis (sometimes just as much as I do, believe it or not), only to see they haven't visited the forums in weeks/months/years. I'm going to ignore our activity levels during the elections as things always pick up for a few weeks during those and are never a true reflection of how active we will be during the rest of the year but what I would not want to see is for me to be given the job as Arbiter and for this to continue the same way it has been going. It just wouldn't be fair to give me another responsibility if we're going to continue seeing less and less of others. I'm the most active person here, yes. I have the time whereas a lot of others don't, sure. That shouldn't mean that everything gets shuffled off on to me whilst others go about planning their holidays though. So to speak :p

Anyway, actions speak louder than words and I think I've already demonstrated over the years that I give any responsibility my all, I care about this place and the people we have here, I try and read every new post on the forum (which is something I got in the habit of doing as a moderator) even if it's a game I'm not invested or interested in and whilst I haven't always put my words across as well as I could have, I always try to look at a situation from both sides as I only ever want the best for this place. I've always been one to get my hands dirty too, never been one to sit back and let other people do all the work. I don't see why the Arbiter position would be any different for me really.

Vote for who you will (and I think NF is a very good candidate too which is why I nominated him) but please keep some of what I've said in mind. It doesn't matter how much I or a couple of others here do to keep things going and moving forwards if others don't involve themselves too. This place will live and die by the community. We're all part of it.

This thread will stay up on its own for a week to give people a chance to read it and for NF to make his post too. The poll will then follow.
Ty all for reading :)
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Re: Your 2015 Arbiter Nominees

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:03 pm

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Tough to follow that :)

Primarily because MS is the best candidate (see above) and all of us have such huge respect for the work he puts in to STR and the passion he has for keeping this place alive. As a result I will keep this short and sweet.

If the Arbiter position was an accolade, or a medal to be worn, then I wouldn't have accepted the nomination - I'd be the first person congratulating MS as he'd deserve it. However Arbiter is a responsibility and, as a result, my only argument to vote for me is to save MS from shouldering yet another responsibility. Let's give the guy a break for once and share the load. We are a group and we need to start acting as a group..

For those with concerns that I haven't been the most active member recently, I will admit that they are right.. My new family ate in to the time I could spend online as I learned the ropes but I think I've leveled up my parenting skills enough now to be able to get my game on again. I have been a member of the SSC/SSX/STR for 20 years (yeah that surprised me as well) so I've already experienced most of what the online world can throw at us personally and as a group. Whenever there has been contention I have always tried to see both sides and offer a constructive and reasoned response to move the discussion to a resolution.

I also do strongly agree with MS that we need to breathe some life back in to the group and I'm fully behind this. We have the infrastructure (forums, twitch, youtube, twitter, facebook, teamspeak) now we just need to start doing what should be the most enjoyable bit: playing the games and getting our name out there.

So that's about it... Happy voting :thumb:

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