Archived Group Content Restored

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Archived Group Content Restored

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:24 pm

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I'm very pleased to announce that the second step in our efforts to make SSX history more available is now completed and ready to be let loose publically - namely the restoration of archived group content.

For a long time when SSX groups have closed their doors, we've had a policy of hiding away their assets and effectively removing them from public view. Whilst this is a good way of keeping our main site always up to date, it does leave a lot of good content - our history - hidden away unnecessarily.

Over the past month the administration team have been working their way through all of this hidden archived content, and have faithfully restored it in order to make it ready for public re-release. The code behind each group website has been completely rewritten, in order to bring it into line with web standards and eliminate the cross browser issues which have become more prominent since they were first written in years gone by.

Both the design and content of each website has been faithfully restored, and where necessary external links have been brought up to date to ensure that the websites reflect the functionality they offered when first released. All websites also now feature our updated News and Screenshot systems - bringing them into line with the developmental advances made across the rest of the website.

This restoration process now being complete, I am happy to make these websites available once more. They are all accessible through a new "Archived Groups" menu within the left column of the main site. Due to the size of this new menu, we have also moved the "Screenshot of the Day" section to the right hand column of the site.

On a personal note, I'm extremely happy with how the majority of the websites have turned out following the code re-write. A lot of the sites suffered from significant cross browser problems (especially the very first ones we released when we formed the SSX), and I think the design of those sites has become a lot sharper, cleaner and more visually appealing following the clean up.

I hope you enjoy browsing these old websites as much as I have enjoyed bringing them up to date! Any feedback you may have can be left in this thread :)
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