A Moment of Indulgence

A cult classic goes online! Futuristic warfare in 100 tonne death machines where the screams of your enemies can't be heard over the sounds of explosions!

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A Moment of Indulgence

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:47 pm

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Turns out, I'm not shit at this!

A few months back, MWO implemented leaderboards, which I generally make a point to ignore. Every month, the leaderboard resets, and the old stats are archived. What's becoming a tradition is that some of the community members will pull down all of that data and do some basic statistical analysis. Where did I fall on the bell curve last month? Just above the seventieth percentile, with an average match score of 225.

Also interesting to note is that my win-loss ratio last month was far higher than my kill-death ratio, which I think corresponds to my shift to a more agressive play style over the last year or so. Leading a push can lead to you being focused down by the enemy team, but if your team follows through, the aggression tends to pay dividends in the end.

More build posts soon. The fast Clan assault mech has its basic skills unlocked, so that post should be ready before the end of the month. I had also been holding some MC in reserve for a mastery bundle sale, so when that sale happened a some months back, I purchased a couple new chassis, which then kind of jumped the queue ( :nervous: ), so I have content in the pipeline that will follow the Clan assault mech post! Stay tuned!

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