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VIP Escort Mode

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:34 pm

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if you ever happen to decide to try BF3 again, there has been some radical changes since the first 2 expansions have been released(must say the game is much more beautiful than the first launch ever made it to be, nothing sucks more than trying to fight an enemy in the sun or making him be the one to stare at you as your being death from above, or from behind a tac light/laser sight.... but recently I started playing with a second group of people who using (sadly with no SDK just simple ingame plugin coding) PROCON to setup a special game style

In a nutshell ( tactical game style that breaths life into ... well and addiction to the game play)
3 squads
Alpha - Attacks/Escorts VIP(No Snipers)
Bravo - Defends/Kills VIP(no Snipers)
Charlie - VIP (Utilizing No primary weapons)*sniper Class ONLY*
game starts players in alpha must hook up with the VIP and escort him to a designated point to where the VIP wins the game for A Team
where as if Bravo kills the vip the game instantly wins for them (A & B both can respawn... however C Can not)

also I noticed that the server utilizing teamspeak had a sync setup to the server so if a team joined team Alpha it moved them instantly in teamspeak to another channel, and Bravo respectively (charlie was automatically put in with Alpha since he was considered friendly to them, however HE could still be killed by friendly fire)

the server on BF3 is
VIP Escort Mode - Teamspeak Needed ... ak-Needed/

Might look into it guys Its quite fun and addictive
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