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Favourite Planets

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:49 pm

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Just wondering what everyone's favourite planets that they've experienced are so far - particularly those who have capped!

I've been really fond of Drommund Kass right the way through the game, and didn't think it'd be topped honestly (especially with the way some awful planets like Tatooine were turning out), until I got to Taris this weekend.

As far as I'm concerned, it had by far the greatest depth of side content of any planet I've played so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of that content. I also felt it was INCREDIBLY cool that they integrated it with the events of KOTOR so well - not only the ruins of the city, but being able to wander around places that were once so important. The Swoop Track, for example, but particularly the crashed ruin of the Endar Spire.

Even putting locations aside, the integration was there if you went looking for it. For example the little place where you hear that Brejik hid and survived when the planet was being bombed, which ended up saving a variety of people from the Lower City and ultimately became the focal point of the Republic's first recolonisation effort. Just little details like that which weren't necessary to build a strong planet to play, but all contributed to making the planet so great.

So for me, Taris is by far and away the best so far followed not so closely by Drommund Kass. What do others think? :)
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Re: Favourite Planets

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:50 pm

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Been meaning to reply to this :)

Dromund Kaas was great both from a story point of view, map design and look too. I was worried that our capital planet would be mapped out like Coruscant is for the Republic but was pleased to see that wasn't the case. Whilst I did enjoy my time there in beta I'd say it's my least favourite zone. I much prefer the massive outdoor areas personally and Coruscant just had taxi's going every which way, more so than Nar Shaddaa from memory. Not overly keen on that for ones Capital even if it makes the place feel much bigger than it is. Kaas on the other hand had some really neat outdoor areas, the Sith Temple, the rain weather and then the city itself & backdrop which look awesome.

Other favourites; Taris too - especially for the quest line with Thana :D. Balmorra - I've heard some people say this was their least favourite planet but at least for my class quests I really enjoyed it personally and I did like the design of it. Sure felt never ending at the time hehe.
Even enjoyed Tatooine. It wasn't the best for quests but it had the wide open epic feel of the desert which it should have and it was the first planet where I felt any sense of threat from enemy Republic players which the other planets didn't have up until that point. Traversing that planet and exploring certain hot spots became quite a rush at times and since it was the first place I experienced pvp I'll remember it fondly :)
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