Post-Launch content etc.

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Post-Launch content etc.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:18 pm

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You can read the full interview over at IGN right here but here are a few quotes covering their plans for post-launch.

IGN: What's the plan for maybe three, six months outside of launch?

James Ohlen: We're careful not to promise a date for any of the features, but I can tell you what we're working on. Guild functionality is something that we're working on right now. The first piece of guild functionality that we want in the game is guild banks. We have a team that's essentially just going to be pumping out new guild functionality on a regular basis. The other thing we're working on, obviously we have multiple teams on Flashpoints and Operations so that's the high level content, some of our best content, the hardest content in the game where you have an epic story. We're continuing to work on those so we have multiple teams working on flashpoints and operations, we have new [player versus player] War Zones planned, we have new open world PvP planned, and we have a team on that as well.

IGN: For graphics options, will there be any additional tweak options you can make just in the menu aside from what we've seen in beta when the game goes live?

James Ohlen: We have some. Some of the textures we had were messed up a little, we've fixed that up. Anti-aliasing is something that we're going to have in either right after launch or for launch. It's just something that we had on very late so that's another graphical option that you're going to be able to have access to.

IGN: In terms of the actual strategy for bringing content out, I mean I know you can't discuss specific schedules but will fairly major content will be patched into the game for paying subscribers or might that be locked behind some sort of pricing wall? Are you holding most major content for some larger content release further down the line?

James Ohlen: No, we're going to be releasing major content to subscribers. They're not going to have to pay anything extra for the major content. We're going to be doing that regularly. It's going to be significant, you're going to be able to travel to entirely new worlds in the galaxy and you're not going to have to pay to have to do that. Now obviously we also have an expansion pack planned but that's, you know, much farther into the future.

I've been hoping they would shed some light on their ideas for future content once they had gotten release out of the way so I was happy to read this. Afterall it's all well and good releasing the game with all the content it already has to offer (plenty for a launch title!) but if they didn't support it well after release that would turn some players away.
Great to hear that they're already working on some of this stuff and have many more plans in the pipeline. ;D

Also : What’s Next for The Old Republic - From James Ohlen
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