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Useful Links

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:05 pm

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Still plan on adding a couple of these as rotating image links to the guild site but it'd be handy to have a complete list here like we have for other MMOs. - Feel free to help keep this up-to-date when we have our moderator group set up at launch!
I've added a handful of news/fansites too but mainly thinking of guides & stuff like that. Addons too if they allow those post-launch :thumb:

[ SSX TOR Group Website ] : ( Announcement Post )
[ Recruitment Thread (official forums) ]

· SWTOR Official Site & Forums
· Community Blog
· Developer Tracker
· Server Status
· SWTOR Twitter
· Stephen Reid' Twitter (Sr. Community Manager)

Database Sites (items, skills, missions etc)
· Torhead
· DarthHater Database
· TOR Wiki

Skill Tree Talent Calculators
· Torhead Skill Calculator
· DarthHater Talent Calculator

Story/character related
· History of the Sith
· Detailed info on each companion character per class
· Talent Builds [dhdb]

· How to post item links (aka tooltips) on the SSX forums
· SithWarrior Forums - Theorycrafting, guides, class discussions etc.
· SWTOR: A Comprehensive Guide and FAQ
· Brief guide to crew skills - Posted by MS
· Crafting Spreadsheet
· Crafting leveling guides
· Vanity Pets Guide
· Companion Gift Guide
· A comparison of the Healers
· Character statistics and what they mean
· Datacron Locations
· +10 Datacron to all atributes
· Speeder pics
· Level 50 Gear up Guide
· Location map for Flashpoints & Operations
· Hardmode Flashpoint loot drop list
· Operation loot drop list
· Heroic World Boss list
· Patch 1.2 info (1.2 gear stats, how the new pvp commendations work etc)

· Darth Hater
· TORWars
· Ask a Jedi
· Mos Eisley Radio
· - Server statuses & graphcs
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