Whats your NWN2 char build?

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Whats your NWN2 char build?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 2:19 am

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My Char so far is a dual-greatsword toting firebreathing woodelf of destruction.....

You can Multiclass upto FOUR classes in NWN2 and I took advantage of that (lvl 16 so far):
1lvl bard - Chant gives a +1 to attack, +1 magic and +1 bludg damage to each hand.
1lvl NWN Nine - Aura gives +2 save and +1 AC to all party members, plus lets you wear NWN9 gear.
4lvl Fighter (currently) will be 8lvl when char is finished @ lvl 20.
10lvl Red Dragon Disciple - fire/paralysis/sleep/fear immunity, breath fire, High Fort and Will Saves, + Various Attributes (+ALOT of Str), +AC due to scaly skin.

Spec'd Dual Weild + Monkey Grip, Greatsword focus, Toughness, Knockdown, Dodge, Heavy armor, etc.

I have a ring that gives free Improved Evasion feat, not to mention I maxed my str thru RDDisciple and gear so I now have 30 str.
High + bonus weps and (*spoiler follows*) if you spar against the knight that takes you in as a squire you can get an additional +1 to attack with all melee weps bonus... That coupled with the bard chant bonus helps offset the -2 atr you get from weilding a 2h wep in one hand, thx to monkey grip :cool:

RRDisciple gets 12 hp's per lvl and fighter gets +10, add in toughness = High HP's. Currently wearing some medium dragon armor so that I can still keep my Dex +3 bonus, which makes my AC decent at 28 (or is it 29?) but not insanely high as heavy + a shield can get you.


PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:02 am

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I am new to this game, have never played any D&D game before but as soon as I started playing NWN2 I fell in love with it. Neat graphics, good storyline, nice combat mechanics, all in all a very pleasant game.

Am currently playing a lvl6 wizard - have just reached Neverwinter. :)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:10 pm

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From the D&D perspective im very impressed with nwn2. There are some things im not fond of (multiclassing monks wtfbbq), but other elements that are really awsome.

One thing i noticed was the role playing side of it, something which all D&Ds ive played have lacked (ie. DM:"you see a man", Player: "right lets kill him we need some more xp")

Its sorta made me wanna play some more D&D cept my DM is being lazy atm, and im too lazy to host one hehe.

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