Diplomats, read this first!

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Diplomats, read this first!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:00 pm

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Welcome, diplomats, to our humble home! We have no additional masking process, or any such nonsense that you need to go through. You also probably notice that you can see all of our main forums. This is entirely intentional, and we invite you to peruse, and post, to your heart's content. We strive to create a fun, inviting environment built on friendship and sportsmanship. We have nothing to hide and, unlike so many in the CN community, certainly do not fear the eye of the public.

That said, there are some things that we ask of you in order to provide some basic organization to our Embassies forum. Each alliance should have one main thread that will serve as its embassy. These can be used for any purpose you wish, but it should meet the following guidelines:
  • 1. The thread title should follow the format of "Alliance Name (alliance abbreviation)"
    2. The original post must contain a brief introduction, forum link, and IRC information (if applicable).
    3. A list of current government and treaties is highly encouraged.
    4. Please keep spam posts such as "Bump" or a single emoticon to a minimum.
Naturally, these embassies are viewable to all foreign diplomats. If you have any private matters for which you need to contact us, please feel free to PM one of our CN group moderators, or contact us on IRC. We can be found at #SSX-CN on Coldfront, or #SSX on irc.Maxgaming.net. Thank you, and enjoy your stay!
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