WoW and my blood pressure

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WoW and my blood pressure

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:10 am

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I may not be getting WotLK.

I jumped back into WoW tonight to check out the new trees, loaded up to be a killin machine (Ele Shammy in Epics) and jumped into a BG. I'm close to getting my final Gladiator piece (leggings) and need 10 EOTS, so I go EOTS.

Of course the start is a cluster-f. Even after calling out a strategy, its me and one other in DR. Oooohhhhh! Look! A rogue slicing me up!
Death 1. Rez. Run back to DR. On way, ANOTHER ROGUE! JOY! Death 2. Rez. Oooohhhh! Horde is at graveyard! Death 3!
4 minutes in, not a single offensive spell off, 3 deaths. Horde controls 3 towers. My screaming of the F word upon the next rogue attack woke up Sprite.
Needless to say, we lose, as we're scattered all over the place.

I stay for 2 more in hope. Both of them were 4 caps by the horde in under 5 minutes. I musta been shut down by rogues and hunters for half my playing time at this point.

I'm fuming. Blood pressure through the roof and I'm actually pissed off while trying to play a game. Not because I'm losing, but because I cant actually play. Most of my time is watching myself stunned and waiting for rez, numerous times till the horde 4 caps.

I decide to stay for just 1 more. I call out for Group 1 to DR, Group 2 to MT, 3 Try for FR, avoid the center till we get some towers. Results? 2 go to DR, about 3 go to MT and all others charge center. In about 90 seconds the horde controls 2 towers, is winning a third and I'm stunned yet again.

I'm surprised that:

A) The neighbors didn't call the cops when I screamed out, 'FOR F SAKE! JUST LET ME PLAY THE F'n GAME FOR 3 MINUTES!'

B) I didn't break my fragging mouse while slamming the buttons to log out.
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