KK, heres my scoop

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KK, heres my scoop

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:47 pm

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I was away for a while, then caught up in rotations for my internship. Things have settled a bit and I've got time each day now so I plan on jumping back in. Unfortunately i cant do IRC as I'll be checking in on my clinic's system and if they come across an IRC on a system that holds medical databases I'll be trying to pay off $150,000 in loans by working as a greeter in WalMart.

So, my current state:
Tech: 3.0
Infra: 585
Improve: 2 banks, 1 harbor, 1 school
Strength: 1,841
Population: 5,775
Net after taxes: $41.86/day
Resources: Fish & Pigs
http://www.cybernations.net/nation_dril ... _ID=277425

I have 5 trade slots, 2 of which are filled (coal & lead, rubber & sugar). I can cancel these trades at any time. I'm open for trade if anyone interested, if not I'll figure out how to go secure it.

I'm guessing I should start to gather some tech, but have no idea how this is done. I read a few things on tech dealing, but am still not sure of the way it works, how to create or how to buy/sell. Do I do this with my own cash, holding some and selling some?

So far I seem to have remained quite unnoticed.

Advice (or even orders) appreciated.

Just did some checking. I reckon for growth and stability with such a small nation the following would be most beneficial (to least beneficial): furs, sugar, lumber, silver, wheat, marble, gold, water. Opinions before I start searching out trades? Can I post this is NV somewhere? If so, can you please direct me?
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