Tech Deal Guidelines

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Tech Deal Guidelines

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:15 pm

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For those wishing to participate in tech deals within the SSX please follow these guidelines.

1. When starting a new thread add [Buy] or [Sell] to the start of the title.

2. When a deal is accepted add *Closed* to the thread.

And remember that tech deals within the ssx help us out as a whole, so always try and deal here first.

This is just a basic guide to make tech deals easier to spot/negotiate, use your own common sense as you see fit :)

If anyone has anything to add feel free.

Tech Deal Guide

A tech deal is a great way for new nations to make money and older nations to save money. They work around the trade of technology.

The more tech you own, the more expensive it is to buy. After a certain point it becomes cheaper to pay someone to buy tech and then send it to you. The incentive to a new nation here is they get to keep the rest of the cash not spent on tech.

The standard "rate" for tech is 3mil for 100tech.
The cost of 100 tech for a new nation is around 1.6mil meaning you can net a tidy profit.

Never buy more than 50 tech when dealing as anything more is just eating into your profits. When dealing with multiple nations in the same deal buy 50 tech and then send an aid offer to all nations you are selling to. This way as soon as someone accepts you can buy another 50 tech and make the maximum profits.

Cost of 50 tech

Without any discounts - $813,000
With Gold as a resource - $772,000
With Microchips as a bonus resource - $721,000

The cheapest way to buy 50 technology :

0 - 4.5
4.5 - 14.5
14.5 - 24.5
24.5 - 29.5
29.5 - 39.5
39.5 - 49.5
49.5 - 50

1) Tech Farming :
# Slots required : 1
Duration : 30 days

This is the most common tech deal procedure.
Day 1 : Buyer sends 3mill to the Seller
Day 10 : Seller sends 50tech to the Buyer
Day 20 : Seller sends 50tech to the Buyer

2) 5 x 3 Tech Deal (5 buyers, 3 sellers)
# Slots Required : 5
Duration : 30 days

Procedure is similar to Tech Farming, but with more participants

Day 1 :

Buyer 1 --3m--> Seller 1
Buyer 1 --3m--> Seller 2
Buyer 1 --3m--> Seller 3

Similarly for Buyer 2, Buyer 3, Buyer 4 & Buyer 5

Day 10 :

Seller 1 --50tech--> Buyer 1
Seller 1 --50tech--> Buyer 2
Seller 1 --50tech--> Buyer 3
Seller 1 --50tech--> Buyer 4
Seller 1 --50tech--> Buyer 5

Similarly for Seller 2 & Seller 3

Day 20 : repeat procedure of Day 10

3) 3 x 3 Matrix
# Slots Required : 3
Duration : 1 day

This procedure is used if the buyers want the tech on the same day. A fairly common procedure.

Red Lines = 3mill (from Buyer)
Blue Lines = 50tech (from seller)

4) Grmlins Procedure :
# Slots required : 3
Duration : 1 day

Similar to the 3 x 3 Matrix, but in this case, the money is sent by certain banking nations not participating in the tech deal.

Red Line = 3mill (from banker)
Blue Lines = 50tech (from seller)

For more information you can sign up to Nueva Vida and check out their Learning Hall.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:18 am

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HI Is,

I'm a bit confused on these tech deals and how they operate. possible to give a very basic and quick rundown for the beginner wondering what the heck its all about?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:21 am

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Ok ive updated it to include a guide from NV as well as just a basic intro I quickly wrote up.

Hopefully there is enough there and it all makes sense :)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 11:23 pm

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I tacked on the part about prices of tech with different resources, and the way to minimize expenses when buying 50 from 0.
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