Guide to Surviving Tortage Zones on a PvP Server

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Guide to Surviving Tortage Zones on a PvP Server

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:28 am

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Well, as has been said before, the toughest part of being on a PvP server is the beginning areas of Tortage which are prime spots for gankers as everyone is "forced" into the same zones. I've been telling people for month's the best way is to avoid White Sands and Underhalls as much as poaaible so this weekend I started working an alt to get this strategy better mapped out for those starting new toons.

This guide is built strictly around getting out of tortage while avoiding as much PvP as possible, on a perfect day it's not necessarily the quickest leveling, but it makes these levels a little less frustrating.

First, on the beach kill every mob there, this should get you to level 6 once you get your shackles removed and get into actual Tortage.

Second, go straight to the bar and start your night time solo destiny quests, do not stop for any daytime quests, we'll work those later. While doing destiny quests, kill every mob in each section of the quests to maximize your exp. Also if you veer left on the path towards Mithrell's fortress there are some level 8 panthers that respawn that will help you get the last little bit to the level 10 quest. You should be able to do the destiny quests until level 13 if you follow these guidelines.

Now switch back to daytime and grab every quest you can (some are grey now, but grab them anyway as they still give exp). Open up your quest log and/or map and look for quests with goals inside and just outside of tortage itself, complete all of these to get to level 15.

Go back to the nighttime destiny quests and complete what you can, once again killing every mob in each zone. This should get you partially into level 16.

Next, go back to daytime and run back through tortage ensuring you have all available quests, then head to Acheronian Ruins and start doing all of the quests you can (Hint, when you enter the ruins go to the right side and down the stairs there, there is a ladder that will take you to the bottom to complete these quests with a bit higher mobs and drops you off close to all of these quests.) You will be making several trips here to complete all of the step quests in this zone, then head back to tortage and finish the portions there. This should take you to almost halfway through level 18.

Now you're level 18, a little bit stronger to handle gankers, and not needing a lot to get to 19 which is the level you need to finish your destiny quest. You have 2 options at this point, either grind the remainder of the level in the Ruins, or head to Underhalls which isn't quite as bad as white sands, but is still going to have some ganking, if you can grab a partner and go there together, it will make this area very easy to survive. Worst case, you've only got to deal with it a short while and most of the gankers there will be close to your level.

Once you hit 19, you can now finish your destiny quest and get out of tortage, so the worst part is over.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:57 pm

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Great post, Mel!!
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Great post but...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:53 pm

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great post but have you taken in consideration that each archtype has different destiny quests... and that not all archtypes have the same possibility to get as much exp from the night time quests?
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Re: Great post but...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:12 pm

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Andrimner wrote:great post but have you taken in consideration that each archtype has different destiny quests... and that not all archtypes have the same possibility to get as much exp from the night time quests?
Yes, I have... however each archtype has their own areas on the night time quests where there are plenty of mobs to kill. Also, if necessary there's the Costal Cave at lvl 10 that can be grinded a little as mobs respawn fairly quickly, as well as the mobs in the ruins if any differences need to be made up.

I ran this using a Mage Archtype but didn't even run it to the full potential to get these results as I didn't make a full clear in the Underhalls night time but instead went straight to my destination. I also didn't fully clear the castle in order to keep it more even. In the later parts you could actually get a bit further with a priest or mage archtype than I did while making this. This is the main reason I included the exact levels for each stage, to be able to see if you're a bit off to pick a relatively safe spot to make up the difference.

Each Archtype has a few of the following areas to clear:

White Sands Nighttime
Mithrell's Mansion
Underhalls Nighttime

Out of all the Archtypes, the one you may have to do a bit of grinding before 18 is the Rogue archtype, however they also have unlimited stealthing to venture into the pvp zones earlier on and be able to survive at least to get a couple quests done.

Between Jack and I, we've gotten at least one of each Archtype to 20 and out of Tortage. While the destiny quests vary, the differences in possible exp overall doesn't vary much.

At this low level it also wont take too many mob kills to make up any differences. You can in fact do the entire thing fairly quickly with grinding alone, however I figured there's enough of that later on, so put in as much questing as possible without hitting gankers paradise. At the very least this should break up any grinding sessions to very small periods of time.

If you however use this and find specific problem areas for a specific archtype, I'll be glad to add in notes on that. Just let me know whch one and where.

It can and likely will be very off on characters already started without using the guide though, since I can't account for every possibility of the order of quests already done, and quest XP as well as mob kills can vary greatly when done just one level earlier or later.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:00 pm

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Never had a problem with ganking when I was playing on Wildsoul.....oh wait it was me doing it....... :lol:
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