Halo Reach Vs Tribes Part Dos

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Halo Reach Vs Tribes Part Dos

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:04 am

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Since the first topic degenerated into something less than stellar, I wanted to post up a new topic regarding this.

I had a chance to look at all the vids regarding Forge World and this looks like something really special here. Levels can be built literally anywhere in this environment and from what I see here, we can have a very similar Tribes like experience. I mean the Jetpacks alone gave me some really awesome ideas, and the fact that we can build levels similar to those levels we played back in Tribes gives me some hope that we could do some really awesome things here. I for one am excited about this just based on the fact that it isn't just simple moving of dodads here and there. This is full on level building. Would be nice to be able to work out some of the tribes like abilities. but for now i will settle for jetpacks and level building. Though if this level editor is as robust as they are saying, then it could certainly be possible to add these extra things in.

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