Particleman lvl 57 mage

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Particleman lvl 57 mage

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:35 pm

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Lilleth posting an abbreviated app for Particleman (Bridget).

(She can't post an app because she's 11 years old, and doesn't have an email address, so is unable to register for the forums).

She told Axavier/Jaysen that most of her family plays WoW, and she shares the account with her brother who has toons on a different server.

Previously a member of <Cpn Crunches Nifty Crew> and <Team Firecrotch> and <Chronos>.

Reason for leaving?
<Chronos> was in with friends, was renamed <Team Firecrotch>, which was reported for the name, and disbanded. <Cpn Crunches Nifty Crew> also disbanded due to lack of members (from what we gather, no one joined after charter was signed).

Why SSX?
She thought one of her friends was in this guild, so pst'd a member, happened to be an officer, Jaysen. Found out she was mistaken, but after chatting with Jaysen for a while, decided SSX sounded like a nice guild to join.

Was directed to the forums to app, but due to reasons above, was unable to.
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Raevynn 85 Night Elf Hunter (Mannoroth)
Zyllah 85 Night Elf Death Knight-Blood (Mannoroth)

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