Rashid's guild application

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Rashid's guild application

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:00 am

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Hey everyone

I'm posting this guild application for Rashid. aka dad, the father of 4 guildies :p

anyway on with the application:

What's your character's name? (needed to contact you in game)

If I'm not on cure I'm mostly on Speedy.

Ab's Notes: Full alt list:
Speedy - 72 Druid
Hardy - 71 Paladin - Retribution / Holy
Saher - 71 Priest - Shadow
Swifty - 71 Mage - Frost
Muharib - 71 Warrior - Arms
Shameeno - 54 Shaman
Sayad - 34 Hunter - BM
Good - 22 Warlock
Zeeko - 18 Rogue (Bank)

What got you started playing WoW?

I was playing Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, I saw WoW and I was interested because it was an open world and seems much more interesting.

How did you hear about SSX and what makes you believe this guild is right for you?

All my kids are in your guild. Xenosteel, Anoxi, Duper, and Mooni.

I believe that a guild with human focus and less-complex requirements is the best, especially because I'm a very casual player.

Who do you know that is already in the guild and how did you meet them?

Xenosteel, Anoxi, Duper, and Mooni. Nobody else

What other guilds were you in previously and why did you leave them? (Lies in this section usually come out and will most likely result in non acceptance, so be truthful... )

I don't remember the guilds, I joined a lot of them but just because they invited me without any questions! I wanted to go for a good guild now for all my characters.

Ab's Notes: Yeah they were all small guilds that never payed attention to their players at all, so he naturally didn't pay any attention to them (Mostly he doesn't even notice he was in one)

Have you applied to any other guilds recently? If so, which ones and have you already received a response to your application?


What are the most important qualities of a good guild to you?

1. Open Communication: Chatting, exchanging information, passing knowledge
2. Online Support: I can see scheduling and forums for help.

Ab's Notes: He hasn't been "into" guilds so he wouldn't really know much.


Ab's Further notes:

I posted information about him in another place.

Here's a Copy/Paste of it:

(...) He's still a below-intermediate gamer but he's catching up nicely. He hasn't socialized in WoW except very occasionally (He doesn't notice party/guild chat much and his typing a bit slow).
He's quite smart and would probably be good friends with any guildie once he gets to know him :) In RL he loves to argue, but you won't see that happening much in-game because he doesn't know enough about WoW to argue.

~ fin

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:10 pm

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I'' get you an invite...soon as possible....just pm me in game.

I'm usually on Thirdegree or Axavier :)
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