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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:06 pm

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:smack: I have been invited to the ALPHA for "the Emerald Dream," but at the mo' I can't afford the WotLK expansion, which I apparently have to have to play in the Alpha for ED.

Any suggestions- or help?

Much Love,

PS I will need some PLing (yes, me) in order to serve much of a function in this Alpha ... any volunteers?
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:48 pm

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Hi. I got invited for that.
But what i want to now is it for real

the link takes you directly to you account and you have to log in your details, not sure if thats right or not. so i left it for now

theres nothing on wow eu forums about it, that i know of
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:27 am

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Mmm... The only place I heard about this was through a spam. Person said he/she had the invite but couldn't do it, so was offering it out to anyone who replied, then whispered me with the info (even though I didn't reply).

There was no mention of it (at the time) on Alakhazam or Blizzard boards. Until something official comes out or there's confirmation from a trusted source, I'd be a bit wary. It seems to require your account info to 'get in'.

Might be true, might not be. Better safe than sorry.
Me, I skipped it. Not only is my WoW account info there, but also my name, address, bank info, etc...

I had an ID theft once, fortunately I caught it early (within 48 hours) so it only cost me $1,500 and reapplication for all my credit cards, bank cards, driver's license, etc...
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:28 pm

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This reaks of phishing scam to me.
The minute you type your account details in to whatever site this links you to the scammers will have it, and the next time you login to your WoW account you'll prolly either find your characters completely stripped or they'll have changed your password and you won't be able to login at all. Not to mention all your personal details.

Since WotLK was only released a couple of days ago, Blizz aren't going to be well in to the development of another expansion pack already (i wouldn't have thought?). And even if they were, it certainly wouldn't be at the stage to invite players surely, could be wrong but i wouldn't risk it personally. You could always email blizz themselves and ask em just incase. :)

Did the email look like this? http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... 1040&sid=1

(Quick way of checking links in e-mails when you're unsure btw.
eg. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com (click that link). Tis very easy to disguise a link like that to make you think it's taking you somewhere "official" but really somewhere different. If you just right click the link there and click "copy link location" (in firefox) or "copy shortcut" (in IE) and then paste that into the address bar, you can see it's really taking you to google, not WoW.com. Do the same for the link you got for your alpha invite and see where it really leads (no need to actually go there).
You get the same phishing emails for things like ebay as well that want you to login, some of them can look highly convincing as well but you can use that method to double check whether they're real or not usually. I once fell for one of those a long time ago, thankfully i realized what it was just seconds after i hit submit and managed to change my login info though, could have been much much worse. :)
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:40 pm

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Very good advice, I never click on links in Email.
Always cut and paste if I want to check it out.

I got the same email some time back,
did some searching and found a group of people all saying it was a scam on the Blizzard forums.
Blizzard has more then they need of help from hired Alpha testers,
and Beta testing is ALWAYS done directly through their worldofwarcraft.com mainsite.
You should NEVER type your account information into anything that doesnt go through Blizzard first.

Okaaaay ...

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:39 pm

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... and here I was all ready to make waves. *sigh*

Oh, well. :smack:

Thanks, guys.

:sweat: :(
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