Guild Bank and You

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Guild Bank and You

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:44 pm

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Ok, with the new addition of the Guild Bank in WoW there have been a lot of questions on how to handle this function and what it's there for.

Being the guild of friends we are often people share their excess materials and/or armor etc that drops throughout the world. Many have helped one another in this regard throughout the SSX history, and it's a tradition we definitely want to keep and encourage. The gbank has made this tradition a lot easier with a common place to deposit and withdraw these items, however it brings up questions of how to control these transactions to ensure people's generosity is not taken for granted or abused.

Our current system is that the first page is open for all transfers to everyone with member status, while the second and third tab are reserved for higher cost items and materials meant for raids etc. While others can view and deposit to the second and third tab, you must request from an officer to make a withdrawal. You'll likely get the item as long as it's something you can use, this is just so we can better monitor these and ensure they are going to the proper use.

We would like to keep the first tab open to all, so there are some basic considerations to make before withdrawing items. It's a pretty simple guideline really, just make sure you are giving back to others the same or close to the same as you are taking from others. Use your head and think what is helpful you could make available in return.

Also, these tabs for the guild bank are not free, not even cheap. Just to give an idea, the second was I believe 350g and the third was 500g. There is a spot on the money tab to allow donations for guild mats and extra slots. Some have already found this and placed money into the bank, which is greatly appreciated as the first purchased tab came out of our GM's own pocketbook. If you intend to use this bank, we do ask you to contribute what you can to this as well so we can open as much space as needed by a guild our size. The intent eventually is to have different sections for enchanting, jewels, armors, etc.

So far we've had no real issues with this, but if you see someone you believe to be abusing the bank, please let the officers know what you see. I don't anticipate with the group we have having many issues pop up with this, however it's always a possibility to be considered and we will be watching as closely as we can. People found to be abusing this guild's openness and generosity will not be treated lightly. At a minimum they will have their gbank access removed as a precaution, and may be removed from the guild entirely. If it becomes a bigger issue, all tabs will be locked down.

Also, since space is in short supply, please limit items deposited to those that will be found commonly useful to others. Buff foods (or mats to make them), potion mats and buff potions, primals and motes, blue/purple armor, rare recipes, gems, and adamantite, felsteel, khorium, as well as items for rep gain are all good examples of items likely to be useful to others. Use your best judgement or ask an officer if you're unsure. If the bank becomes overwhelmed with too much of a certain item, officers may jointly decide to put it on ah and deposit the gold made for additional space or other items, but this will be an all officer decision and not something others should take upon themselves.

Sorry this was a bit long-winded, I hope this helps people to better understand our current use of the guild bank. Take care of one another and have fun guys. :)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:54 pm

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Thank you Mel for the wounderful post this will help everyone understand what is going on :thumb:

Re: Guild Bank and You

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:09 am

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For the most part, the only current issue with the bank
Is that its been full of old things and needs some good house cleaning ;D

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