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E3 2019

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:04 pm
by M.Steiner

EA Play
9:15 PDT | 12:15 EDT | 17:15 BST | 18:15 CEST [3HR STREAM]
Countdown to EA Play
9:15 PDT | 12:15 EDT | 17:15 BST | 18:15 CEST

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
9:30 PDT | 12:30 EDT | 17:30 BST | 18:30 CEST

Apex Legends
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST

Battlefield V
10:30 PDT | 13:30 EDT | 18:30 BST | 19:30 CEST

EA Sports FIFA
11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 19:00 BST | 20:00 CEST

EA Sports Madden NFL
11:30 PDT | 14:30 EDT | 19:30 BST | 20:30 CEST

The Sims 4
12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT | 20:00 BST | 21:00 CEST


13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 BST | 22:00 CEST

17:30 PDT | 20:30 EDT | 01:30 BST (10TH) | 02:30 CEST (10TH)

Devolver Digital
19:00 PDT | 22:00 EDT | 03:00 BST (10TH) | 04:00 CEST (10TH)


09:00 PDT | 12:00 EDT | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST

PC Gaming Show
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST

Limited Run Games
12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT | 20:00 BST | 21:00 CEST

13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 BST | 22:00 CEST

15:00 PDT | 18:00 EDT | 23:00 BST | 00:00 CEST (11TH)

Kinda Funny Games Showcase
16:30 PDT | 19:30 EDT | 00:30 BST (11TH) | 01:30 CEST (11TH)

Square Enix
18:00 PDT | 21:00 EDT | 02:00 BST (11TH) | 03:00 CEST (11TH)


09:00 PDT | 12:00 EDT | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST

E3 Coliseum: Day One
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST [9HR STREAM]
Gears 5
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST
Join The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson for an inside look at GEARS 5, coming later this year to Xbox and PC from Xbox Game Studios.

Borderlands 3: Making the Mayhem
11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 19:00 BST | 20:00 CEST
Join the Borderlands 3 development team from Gearbox Software for an in-depth conversation about the long-awaited new entry in the blockbuster loot shooter franchise. The team will share insights and behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Borderlands 3, and share more details on what fans can expect when the game launches on Sept. 13.

The Future of Bungie and Destiny 2
12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT | 20:00 BST | 21:00 CEST
Geoff Keighley sits down with some of the Bungie development team to talk about being an independent studio for the second time and what the future looks like for the studio and Destiny 2.

Dying Light 2
12:30 PDT | 15:30 EDT | 20:30 BST | 21:30 CEST
Techland returns to E3 to showcase what’s new in Dying Light 2, the bold sequel to the award-winning open world first person survival horror action-adventure video game and the studio’s most ambitious project to date. Join Techland’s Lead Designer Tymon Smektała and Narrative Designer Chris Avellone for a look at Dying Light 2’s fresh gameplay and new insights on the game’s story, characters, open world and how player choices can have a huge impact on the game’s narrative and overall experience.

Marvel's Avengers Showcase
13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 BST | 22:00 CEST
Embrace your powers and join key members of the development team at Crystal Dynamics and the creative team at Marvel Games as they talk exclusively about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. This is the defining Avengers gaming experience: an epic action-adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay. Moderated by Andrea Rene, assemble in teams up to four players, master extraordinary abilities, customize your heroes to fit your playstyle, and combine powers to defend an ever-expanding world under constant threat.

Storytelling Across Screens
14:00 PDT | 17:00 EDT | 22:00 BST | 23:00 CEST
How do you grab an audience and keep them engaged over time? Today the rules of storytelling are changing, as world builders adapt and evolve in real time alongside the audience. In this wide-ranging discussion with Geoff Keighley, Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director of Epic Games (Fortnite, Infinity Blade), and Chad Stahelski, Director, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, discuss how narrative and player agency are leading to a whole new era of emergent, cross-platform storytelling.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan: Putting Fear Back into Games
14:30 PDT | 17:30 EDT | 22:30 BST | 23:30 CEST
Join actor Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Days of Future Past) and producer Tom Heaton (Supermassive Games) for a discussion about the upcoming horror game The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.

Call of Duty
15:00 PDT | 18:00 EDT | 23:00 BST | 00:00 CEST [12TH]
Join the Infinity Ward team for a panel discussing the next installment of the critically-acclaimed Call of Duty franchise.

Watch Dogs: Legions
15:30 PDT | 18:30 EDT | 23:30 BST | 00:30 CEST [12TH]
Join the Watch Dogs: Legion development team from Ubisoft Toronto, for a look at the newest entry in the popular Watch Dogs franchise.

DOOM Eternal: A Conversation on Gameplay and Design
16:00 PDT | 19:00 EDT | 00:00 BST [12TH] | 01:00 CEST [12TH]
Join id Software for an exclusive talk that breaks down the gameplay and design of DOOM Eternal, the next entry in the groundbreaking franchise.

A Conversation About Telling Lies
16:30 PDT | 19:30 EDT | 00:30 BST [12TH] | 01:30 CEST [12TH]
To what extent do we ever truly know those we love? Sam Barlow, creator of the groundbreaking and award-winning narrative game Her Story, is joined by all-star cast members Logan Marshall-Green (“Upgrade,” “Prometheus”) and Angela Sarafyan (“Westworld,” “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”) to discuss the upcoming investigative thriller game, Telling Lies.

Respawn Entertainment: A Conversation
17:00 PDT | 20:00 EDT | 01:00 BST (12TH) | 02:00 CEST [12TH]
Join Respawn Entertainment as they discuss the studios creative drive, what makes a Respawn game a Respawn game, and why their logo is the braille letter “R”.

The Strength of Fighting Games in Esports
17:30 PDT | 20:30 EDT | 01:30 BST [12TH] | 02:30 CEST [12TH]
What makes a fighting game a great esports title, and where is fighting esports headed next? Join Bandai-Namco for a look at the future of fighting games.

The Simpsons: 30 Years of Video Games and Jokes About Video Games
18:00 PDT | 21:00 EDT | 02:00 BST (12TH) | 03:00 CEST [12TH]
Join the producers and writers of The Simpsons for a look back at 30 years of The Simpsons and video games. From Konami’s classic arcade game to Hit and Run to Tapped Out, and yes, even The Simpsons Wrestling, no Simpsons game is off limits! Plus, hear the stories behind famous video game references in the show, like The Simpsons visit to the E4 video game convention and the esports inspired episode, “E My Sports.”


E3 Coliseum: Day Two
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST [9HR STREAM]
CD PROJEKT RED: The Past, Present and Future
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST
Co-founder and Joint CEO CD PROJEKT CEO Marcin Iwiński in conversation with The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley about the past, present and future of CD PROJEKT RED, including Cyberpunk 2077.

Global Gaming Citizens
10:30 PDT | 13:30 EDT | 18:30 BST | 19:30 CEST
The Global Gaming Citizens program, first introduced by Facebook Gaming at The Game Awards 2018, shares inspiring stories of people using the power of games to build community and bring about positive change in the world. Join us at E3 Coliseum 2019 as we induct two new citizens into the program and share their stories to help build the global gaming community.

Will Wright on the Future of Games
11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 19:00 BST | 20:00 CEST
Geoff Keighley hosts a conversation with legendary game designer Will Wright (Sims, Sim City and Spore) about where games are headed. Wright will also introduce us to his new project, “Proxi,” a unique AI simulation where players uncover their subconscious to build their character and game world.

Building the Future of Sports and Mobile Games
11:30 PDT | 14:30 EDT | 19:30 BST | 20:30 CEST
Join NFL legend Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, World Champion streamer Voyboy and Y! Sports host Liz Loza for a lively conversation about the intersection of sports and gaming. The NFL is embarking upon their 100th season and celebrating an innovation partnership with Verizon as the two announce the 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge — an unprecedented opportunity for game developers across the United States to build a mobile game to debut at Super Bowl LIV!

Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games
12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT | 20:00 BST | 21:00 CEST
How do you take a mega hit show like Stranger Things and translate it into a gaming experience that’s infused with the same authenticity, nostalgia and heart that fans have come to love? Join creatives and game developers for a discussion on bridging the worlds of original series and gaming – with a few surprises in store!

Vader Immortal: Discover the Dark Side
13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 BST | 22:00 CEST
Join key creators at ILMxLAB to hear how they turned virtual reality to the dark side in Vader Immortal – A Star Wars VR Series. Mohen Leo (narrative designer) and Jose Perez III (lead experience designer) will share what it takes to bring a new Star Wars story to this immersive platform.

Rocket League
14:00 PDT | 17:00 EDT | 22:00 BST | 23:00 CEST
Join the Psyonix team as they discuss Rocket League’s upcoming in-game event — the largest in the game’s four-year history!

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2: Re-engineered From the Inside Out
15:00 PDT | 18:00 EDT | 23:00 BST | 00:00 CEST [13TH]
Join the Xbox hardware design team as they discuss design challenges and the solutions they developed when re-engineering the Elite Series 2.

Xbox Game Studios - One Year Later
15:30 PDT | 18:30 EDT | 23:30 BST | 00:30 CEST [13TH]
Matt Booty, corporate vice president of Xbox Game Studios, reflects on the growth of the organization following the addition of seven new studios last year. Joined by, Dom Matthews (Ninja Theory),Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian Entertainment) and Shannon Loftis (Age of Empires), the discussion will go under the hood with the game development organization for Microsoft.

From "AAA" to Indie: Midwinter Presents Scavengers
16:30 PDT | 19:30 EDT | 00:30 BST [13TH] | 01:30 CEST [13TH]
Join leaders from new studio Midwinter Entertainment as they explore their journey from AAA to indie and discuss their first project, “Scavengers.” Midwinter founders Josh Holmes, Daryl Anselmo, Fredrik Persson and Community Manager Carlos Rodela host an exciting discussion, reveal first gameplay footage, then take your questions about “Scavengers,” the upcoming third-person multiplayer survival shooter where “co-opetition” is the name of the game.

Jablinski Games Live!
17:00 PDT | 20:00 EDT | 01:00 BST [13TH] | 02:00 CEST [13TH]
You watch them every week on YouTube, and now Jack Black, Sammy Black, and Taylor Stephens bring Jablinski Games live to E3! Expect talk of games, food, life and more. And maybe a working Elgato. Maybe.

Psychonauts 2
18:00 PDT | 21:00 EDT | 02:00 BST (13TH) | 03:00 CEST [13TH]
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: A real live, actual gameplay demo of the long awaited Psychonauts 2! Join Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer and special guest Jack Black for the first extended look at Psychonauts 2. Plus some other psychic surprises!


E3 Coliseum: Day Three
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST [8HR STREAM]
Minecraft: The Next 10 Years
10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST
Building on Minecraft’s 10-year anniversary in May, the team will discuss how Minecraft is charting its future. The franchise has continued to grow its player base, platform availability and game content, undergone an acquisition by Microsoft, and has been one of the first to release cross-platform play during this time, but the question always remains – what’s next? With exciting new projects on the horizon such as “Minecraft Dungeons” and “Minecraft Earth,” we’d like the share insight into how to maintain and evolve upon one of gaming’s biggest phenomenon.

Darksiders: Action Adventure Evolved
10:30 PDT | 13:30 EDT | 18:30 BST | 19:30 CEST
A discussion about the inception of the Darksiders universe and where it’s headed next. This panel will coincide with the E3 2019 unveil of a brand new Darksiders game that takes the franchise in a fresh direction. This is a panel discussion about the art and business of creating and maintaining an action adventure franchise rich in-game and corporate lore.

SKY: Exploring thatgamecompany’s New Social Adventure
11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 19:00 BST | 20:00 CEST
thatgamecompany is excited to go behind-the-scenes of their upcoming social adventure release, SKY. With a big focus on creating a world that encourages friendship and compassionate gameplay – the team will discuss how SKY had to evolve its scope of play in the hopes of providing a heartwarming online experience that fans want to keep returning back to. Hear more as they chat through creative direction, design, art, music and community.

Gaming Inside the Story: Single-Player Narrative in VR, hosted by Troy Baker
11:30 PDT | 14:30 EDT | 19:30 BST | 20:30 CEST
Join us for a conversation on single-player narrative and its evolution in gaming. Drawing on insights from their various roles as game developer, creative director, publisher, and voice actor, Jason, Ru, and Troy will reflect on how virtual reality is reimagining the genre with breakthrough titles like Lone Echo and the upcoming sequel, Lone Echo II.

Elon Musk in conversation with Todd Howard
12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT | 20:00 BST | 21:00 CEST
A conversation between legendary game designer Todd Howard (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout) and engineer Elon Musk (Tesla SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company). Video games, cars, space, and everything in between.

On Justin Roiland's Trover Saves the Universe and Squanch Games
13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 BST | 22:00 CEST
Join the co-creator of Rick and Morty and co-founder of Squanch Games Justin Roiland, Squanch Games co-founder Tanya Watson and others from team as they share behind-the-scenes glimpses of the studio’s just-released comedy action game Trover Saves the Universe as well as a look at what the future holds for Trover…

13:30 PDT | 16:30 EDT | 21:30 BST | 22:30 CEST
505 Games invites you to join the CONTROL development team and special surprise guests for an advanced look at Remedy Entertainment’s anticipated supernatural 3rd-person action-adventure coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Summer.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
14:30 PDT | 17:30 EDT | 22:30 BST | 23:30 CEST
A discussion about the latest entry in the Ghost Recon series.

The Outer Worlds: An Inside Look
15:00 PDT | 18:00 EDT | 23:00 BST | 00:00 CEST [14TH]
Obsidian Entertainment have created incredible worlds and unforgettable experiences in RPGs for over 15 years. Join members of the development team as they provide the first public look at the E3 presentation for The Outer Worlds, their upcoming single-player sci-fi RPG published by Private Division.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Behind the Scenes
16:30 PDT | 19:30 EDT | 00:30 BST [14TH] | 01:30 CEST [14TH]
Following an incredible reveal at The Game Awards last year, creative director Patrice Désilets presents Geoff Keighley with a closer look at Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, the upcoming open-world survival game from his new independent development studio Panache Digital Games and publishing partner Private Division.

The Cast and Developers of Afterparty
17:00 PDT | 20:00 EDT | 01:00 BST [14TH] | 02:00 CEST [14TH]
Come party with Night School Studio’s Sean Krankel and Adam Hines as they chat with Afterparty’s cast, including Janina Gavankar (“Blindspotting”), Jackie Tohn (“GLOW”), and Khoi Dao (“Detective Pikachu”), about making the devilishly fun indie game. It’ll be a hell of a good time.


E3Schedule.jpg (325.38 KiB) Viewed 5699 times
JPG version here if you want something to save (it will be kept up-to-date) ;)

Once a conference has ended I will update each listing as VODs become available for them: >
As we're coming to the end of this console generation I expect this to be a slightly quieter E3 than some years (with next year being the BIG one with PS5 etc I imagine) but I'm sure there will still be a lot to get excited about - CDPR for one have stated that this years E3 will be "the most important one ever" for them, so that alone is pretty exciting I would say! ^^

As is tradition for us (and will be again this year I hope!) many of us will be watching & discussing the conferences & stage demos live together on Discord. If you fancy joining us just hit this link! :thumb:

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:05 pm
by Anubis
I'll be around as always in Discord for this - wouldn't miss it :D

I'm not going to be taking time off work this year though, because with Sony and EA missing like you say it's very likely to be a quiet one (plus I'm off the week after anyway haha...). But I should be around for almost all the conferences like normal!

Hoping we're all surprised and it's more exciting than expected!

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 11:48 pm
by M.Steiner
Key staff from the original release have come together to bring you FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. With its epic story, captivating characters, and cutting edge technology that defined an era, the beloved classic that won the hearts of many is finally ready to be reborn.
Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month

This years E3 just got a little more exciting! ^^

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 3:19 pm
by M.Steiner
I've added an image version of the schedule (which I usually post on Twitter leading up to & during the event) for those of you who want something to save btw ;)

Still waiting on the EA Play schedule & times (the day is known), along with the full panel breakdown for each day of E3 Coliseum. A few of the latter have been announced already such as - Jack Black & Jablinski Games, Netflix (developing Netflix originals into Video Games) & Infinity Ward with Call of Duty so I'll be sure to update with those as soon as they're known. Other than those it seems to be pretty much complete now.
- Just to note: I always include PDT/EDT/BST/CEST in the schedule's each year as I think that basically covers everyone we have here? Do let me know if there are any others I could do with adding though!

There are a couple new additions to the schedule this year which you might have noticed; Firstly, UploadVR will kick the Monday off with a brand new E3 VR Showcase, whilst Kinda Funny Games also look to have secured some announcements for their showcase taking place in between the last 2 conferences on the Monday. We normally have a good few hours wait before that last show (which is usually Sony) so this is certainly a welcome addition, imo! [Edit: AMD will be hosting a conference before them it seems, have added in]
Square Enix will be taking Sony's timeslot in their absence this year & with them teasing more FFVII: Remake info for next month the obvious choice would be at E3 during this conference. My guess? We'll get to see a live gameplay demo of it during their conference, along with a 2020 release date for part 1. I guess we'll have to wait and see, should be good anyway!

Not long to go :D

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 11:17 am
by M.Steiner
EA Play was announced yesterday btw, a very short & disappointing lineup from them I gotta say. I'll watch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order though (will have to be later that evening for me though as we'll have guests for tea on Sat). - With the start time for EA Play now having been announced, the image version of this years schedule should now be complete :)

Also a good chunk of Coliseum panels have been added to the schedule now as well. There are still a few to be added (mostly on Thu by the looks of it, and some placeholder panels from Ubi/MS for games which have yet to be revealed) but there's lots to look forward already; CDPR, Dying Light 2 with Chris Avellone etc, Borderlands 3, Man of Medan, The Outer Worlds, Jack Black, Psychonauts 2. There's also a panel for the Marvel's Avengers game which we'll see revealed at the Square Enix conference first, as announced by them yesterday.

Less than 2 weeks to go! :thumb:

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:54 pm
by esd
Forza Horizon 4's new expansion was announced. Oh dear.

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:54 pm
by Anubis
esd wrote:
Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:54 pm
Forza Horizon 4's new expansion was announced. Oh dear.
Oh dear indeed :lol:

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:17 am
by Anubis
I've been meaning to do my usual write up for this, and I still may in the next few days, but currently I'm leaning towards doing a very abridged version instead.

The show was still fun, but it also felt very low key and underwhelming this year. I struggled to pay attention throughout the whole show, and I'm not sure I'm invested enough to do a huge writeup on an event that I honestly didn't feel that much worth covering came out of.

We'll see. I'll try and put something together in the next few days, but see how I feel on the format!

Re: E3 2019

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:37 pm
by M.Steiner
Aye, no worries bud. I was feeling a little that way myself tbh which is why I hadn't posted anything yet either :)

Think I may do a trailer based "games to keep an eye on" list or something instead for this one, just focusing on games I wasn't aware of previously (so skipping the obvious FFVII:R, Cyberpunk 2077 etc) but which looked particularly interesting to me, then return to doing my usual ranking & writeup next year with all the new console excitement.