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Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:19 pm
by M.Steiner
Been longing for a proper Hitman game since Blood Money but haven't given the new one much attention after Absolution's disappointment? You probably should.

Let's be honest, Absolution was a sack of shit (besides 1 or 2 missions) when it came to being a "Hitman" game. Infact, Dishonored's design (released the same year) was much closer to the classic Hitman experience than it, with Absolution really just Hitman in name only. The devs really seem to have listened & taken that criticism on-board though as the new game looks to be everything one could ever want from a modern Hitman game. Since a lot of the game is connected online too (with leaderboards, unlocks, contracts and what not) they're able to track & get feedback on how we're doing stuff too and can plan content around that.

Hitman (2016) is being released episodically with a new episode releasing every month (or so). There will be 7 episodes in total, the first of which is out now. If you've played games like Life is Strange, The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands etc you'll be no stranger to such episodic release schedules & having to keep waiting for that next ep, though in the case of Hitman I think the episodic nature of it actually suits it perfectly.
I was saying on Discord last night, but Hitman was never a series where you'd go straight from level to level, finish it & then move on to your next game. Hitman games have always been about freedom, choice & the fantastic replayability they have - Being able to explore each sandbox level multiple times, being creative & figuring out new & exciting ways to take our your target(s). I'll be honest, I was a little unsure about an episodic approach at first (even though I've played many episodic series, most of which as they released) but I'd argue that being episodic probably fits Hitman better than it has some of those other games as it helps promote the style of play they're known for. I'd suggest jumping in now for that reason too, rather than waiting until the end of the year when all of the episodes have released. I've already gotten 30hrs worth of play out it. Not only that, but with live content releasing inbetween each episode such as the awesome sounding elusive contracts which are unique & appear for 48hrs:
Elusive contracts wrote: Each Elusive Target will have a custom briefing video, a backstory and a unique reason for being in that location. When you’re actually playing in the location, the Elusive Target will not appear on the map and will not appear in Instinct. In order to find them, you’ll need to use clues from the briefing video and a photograph that you will be able to review. You’ll need to explore, find your target, learn their patterns and come up with a plan to eliminate them – all whilst playing. The pressure will be on when you’ve got the target in your sights. If you miss the shot and chaos breaks loose, you will need to have a plan B, because the save-game is disabled during an Elusive Target. If you kill the wrong person or die when trying to exfiltrate, that’s it. Game over, the target escapes.

As the season unfolds, you’ll earn in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target contracts. The rewards are signature suits from previous Hitman games and versions of those suits with gloves. There’s also a version of the signature suit from the new HITMAN with gloves.
Plus the escalation mode (see "The Snorrason Ascension" vid below & description) & contracts created & shared by other players, we'll never find ourselves sat there waiting 2 months for more content like with some of those other episodic titles. Contracts mode is still a little basic right now (still fun though!) but will be made better if they can implement stuff like a search function & the ability to rate them, and some deeper objectives. - If you played Absolution you may know what the contracts mode is, as it was one of the only good features it had lol. Basically, you play through the level in the way that you want (free roam, making up your own objectives) and at the end you get to save that as a contract for other players to try. Whatever you did in that playthrough then becomes part of the contract & objectives for completion. Pretty cool!
M.Steiner wrote:That's an escalation playthrough of one of the 2 tutorial levels (which is much, much smaller than the Paris one - just to note).
There are 5 levels in an escalation contract, once you complete the mission in level 1, you get level 2 which adds more objectives which you need to meet in order to complete it. Then again for 3,4,5. For level 5 there I had to eliminate 2 different targets using 2 different disguises, steal from a safe, hide the bodies within a set time and you're not allowed to knock-out or kill anyone else.
Instinct makes a return too (where you can press ctrl & see your target highlighted in red through walls) but you don't have to use this if you don't want. Opportunities are highlighted for you by default too, so if a kill path begins by overhearing a conversation which then gives you some info needed to learn how to start setting that up so to speak, you would see that conversation event highlighted above their heads. The tutorial guides you through one of those whilst they're highlighted so I'd strongly recommend turning those off afterwards, especially for Paris. Hand-holding may be handy for first time players I guess but turning those off & discovering them for yourself is all part of the fun imo! :thumb:

The first episode (the intro pack) features a prologue (which has 2 maps & can be considered the tutorial), and then the Paris map. The second prologue map is around the same size as something you'd have seen in Blood Money but let me tell you, the Paris map is huge.

I recorded 3 different playthroughs of the Paris mission using completely different approaches to give you an idea:
There are many, many more possibilities too & there are still parts of the map you don't get to see in those videos as well. If the other episode locations are as good as the Paris one I think this could even surpass Blood Money when the season is done, & BM is one of my fav games of all time. It's early days of course but this is a very promising start & I'm very excited to see what the rest of the season brings!

The next episode is due out in April & takes place in Italy, with the first elusive contract on the way this week or next & second escalation mission on tue or wed. I may record another playthrough or two of Paris too if anyone's interested, I'll post in here if/when I do! :)

[Edit: Here's one more:]

If you're a Hitman fan then this (judging by this episode) is the Hitman game we've been waiting for. Have a look & see :thumb:

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Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:05 pm
by Anubis
It does look interesting to me, but I'm not really interested until all of the content comes out. Think they made a big mistake making it "episodic"...

Glad you're full of priase and enjoying it though mate, know how much you love this franchise :)

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Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:03 pm
by M.Steiner
Anubis wrote:Think they made a big mistake making it "episodic"...
How so? What are your worries? I know you were mad over Life is Strange last year :)

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Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 1:48 pm
by M.Steiner
M.Steiner wrote:If you're a Hitman fan then this (judging by this episode) is the Hitman game we've been waiting for.
and episode 2 is even better ;)

Here's a silent assassin, suit only playthrough of episode 2:
The devs are doing an absolute masterful job with these levels, I gotta say. Actually felt a bit overwhelmed at first (given how this level is even bigger than the paris location), wondering "now where do I start exactly?" Again, there is a LOT of the map you don't see explored here (or in the video below) and a great number of unique & funs ways to take out your targets. They really are nailing it.

Here's level 5 of one of the new escalation missions too:

Is there anybody out there??

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Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 5:47 pm
by Anubis
We're out here ;)

As I was saying in Discord the other day though, I'm definitely waiting on them finishing the whole game. I know I'd just completely lose interest in the wait between episodes, so if I'm going to play at all it's going to be when it's complete.

Really glad you're still enjoying it so much and are still full of praise though bud! Really fills me with confidence that I'll probably enjoy when the time comes! :)

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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:27 pm
by M.Steiner
Discord wrote:M.Steiner: annnnd done with Hitman ep 3
M.Steiner: Still 4 eps to go and my playtime in it has already surpassed that of Fallout 4 heh
hitmanplaytime.jpg (55.18 KiB) Viewed 13529 times
Pretty sure that when the series is done it'll be one of my top 5 most played games in my Steam history. It didn't feel that long ago since I played episode 2 tbh, though with the constant trickle of stuff inbetween (like the 2 elusive targets, both of which I've killed) I've never been away from the game for long.
Location wise, this one has been my least favourite of the 3 episodes so far (just a bit bland). Still pretty great from a scale, level design & choice perspective though, don't get me wrong :)

Some new vids:
I have a third one waiting to upload as well which I'll edit in once it's up [Edit: Done]. Still seem to be the only one here playing this each month but hopefully some of you are enjoying the vids (or will find em useful when you come to play). Planning to record the full season :thumb:

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Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:24 pm
by Anubis
The videos are good, but as I've said on IRC I'm not planning to play until all of the game is released/finished.

It's not the kind of game that works for the episodic format for me.

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Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:40 pm
by M.Steiner
This month's episode and its 2 missions (vid 1 & 2) are not part of the main story arc, but a Summer Bonus Episode. The 3rd vid on the other hand is the 7th elusive target. I haven't recorded any of the latter yet so thought I'd do one for Busey!

They haven't all gone smoothly (lol) but I've managed to kill all 7 elusive targets so far (killing 5 unlocks the Absolution Suit which you see me using in the videos). When I reach 10 I'll unlock the Blood Money suit too :D
Enjoy :)

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Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:34 pm
by M.Steiner
Tis that time again :)
My ranking so far: Sapienza > Paris > Bangkok > Marrakesh
Up to 110hrs played.

Hitman developer confirms three season plan :D

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Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:15 pm
by Anubis
If there's 3 seasons I'm never going to get to play it since I'm avoiding till it's finished :lol:

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Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:47 am
by M.Steiner
haha :lol:
Well, this is their plan at least. I guess we'll see! More Hitman is certainly welcome though.

Episode 5 sounds interesting:
  • The mission will take place in Colorado
  • We will have to kill 4 targets
  • There will be a terrorist group and we will have to infiltrate into the group
  • We will get 12 opportunities to kill the targets
Going to take a while to SA/SO that one methinks lol.

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Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:01 pm
by M.Steiner
Episode 5:
Just one video for this but if I record any more I'll be sure to edit them in :)

Another fun ep! From the get-go you're dropped into hostile territory, with 4 targets to take out. Probably the most challenging so far I'd say. The only thing I wasn't so keen on with this ep is that there's only one way to exit the level (this isn't the case for contracts). That being said, the shelter room at the end is linked to the story so to have multiple exits you'd have to make your way there and then have to go back outside to another exit... in that sense it's better to have the exit right there I guess. Still, great ep!

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Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:09 pm
by Anubis
Not managed to find time to get to this video yet, but I will over the next couple of days.

Always find it more fun to watch stealth playthroughs than do them myself :lol:

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Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:25 pm
by M.Steiner
A second season hasn't been officially confirmed to be happening yet (fingers crossed!) but for those of you who have been waiting to pick this up, the season 1 finale will be out on Oct 31st :thumb:

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Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:11 am
by M.Steiner
Last vids for season 1 (unless I record some more elusive target attempts later):
It might not stay there for long (as there's still The Last Guardian, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2, FFXV etc to come as well, which we'll have to see about), but at least for now - Hitman is my GOTY.
I look forward to seeing other peoples thoughts now that all of the episodes are out but I'm pretty sure you guys will love it too. If you're a classic Hitman fan I guarantee you won't come away disappointed. Brilliant first season :)

Now to wait for a S2 confirmation...

Confirmed :D
  • Same launcher from Season 1
  • New locations and missions from Season 2 will be added to the base game we already have
  • Unlocks from Season 1 will be available to be used on Season 2 and onwards
  • New free content like Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions will still come to Season 1 maps even after Season 2 has already started
  • Previous cities/countries could be revisited with a new location/mission
So happy!

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Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:50 pm
by M.Steiner
So who picked this up whilst it was half price? :)