Gittus' Gem and Stone Cutting Service

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Gittus' Gem and Stone Cutting Service

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 4:43 pm

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Picked up a ruby? A warmstone? Want to get your money's worth from it? Or maybe you want to use it to make some jewels?

Then come see Gittus and have it cut into a flawless stone FREE OF CHARGE! That's right! As an SSX Member I will take that almost worthless rock and carve it into something beautiful for you to sell or use, or even just to show off!

Please note: This service is provided "as is" and no gaurantee can be read, inferred or implied as to the final quality of the stone, except to say it will be worth more than it was in it's raw form. Gittus derives payment from the experience gained in processing the gem. Non-SSX members are also welcome to make use of this service at a cost of 250cr per stone. If you're interested, please send a /tell to Gittus and arrange a meet.
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