Patch 5.0 Notes - Shadowbringers Class Changes

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Patch 5.0 Notes - Shadowbringers Class Changes

PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:41 pm

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With early access for Shadowbringers now upon us, Patch 5.0 is live. There's a ton of changes in this due to it being an expansion pack. Worth giving it a read if you have time to see what's been adjusted :)

Patch 5.0 Notes

All classes have had their actions adjusted, some much more significantly than others - so you'll probably find your rotations need adjusting as they're full of now removed skills. The Updated Job Guide details all changes per class, and I'd definitely recommend giving this a read before you get stuck in so that you can try and repair your rotations.

Final note, all gear for 70 endgame from Rhalgr's Reach that was previously purchasable with Alaghan Tombstones of Mendacity and Genesis have now been changed to use Poetics, so you should be able to fully gear up any classes you have at 70 with 390 gear before you hit up the expansion itself.

If you still have any Mendacity/Genesis tombstones that you haven't used yet, if you take them to Mor Dhona you can get them exchanged for Poetics so that they're not wasted.

Happy patch day guys :D
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Re: Patch 5.0 Notes - Shadowbringers Class Changes

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:34 am

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It'll be a while before I can start Shadowbringers for myself but the amount of praise I've already seen for it has been incredibly promising. Seen many people claim this to be on par with Heavensward for them so far, others who have reportedly already finished the MSQ claiming it to be the best expansion yet and up there with 90s Square, I've even see a few folk call this the best FF period. ShB sounds amazing by all accounts ^^

I'm still early on in Stormblood atm so the thought of having alllll of that to do (then the patch content) before I can even begin to get stuck into any of ShB is a little annoying to say the least. I'm itching to play it so bad haha. I was very tempted to buy a skip for SB and watch all the cutscenes on YouTube to cover the story I'd be missing but decided against that in the end. Just gonna take my time with it (so I hopefully don't get burned out again) and get to ShB whenever I get to it, knowing I've likely got the best still to come. Can't wait! :D

Until then, I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you start it too, Anny (and QD when he finishes it!) ;)
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