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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:22 am

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I've glamoured older dungeon/class gear sets before today, usually when I've been lower level and I'd be wearing a mishmash of different coloured armour pieces which looked awful together otherwise lol. It has only been for short amounts of time though until I leveled a bit more & picked up another set I liked, and it was always full sets rather than mixing & matching.

Hitting lvl 80 in ShB and being a little disappointed with the look of some of the healing gear (for me, the 430 set from the MSQ (and the lvl 79 dungeon set before it) look better than the sets at 440, 450 & 460), I decided I'd glam up for a while - picking out some different pieces which I thought went well together & suited my character. This is what the 450/470 healer gear looks like from Eden btw:
Yeah..... (Some of the other class' gear looks nice though, just not mine unfortunately lol)

Anyway, I came up with these two glamours which I'm currently alternating:
Image Image

I didn't realise until I really started looking around at all the options available that glamour is definitely as much an endgame (as far as money goes) as housing or crafting. Infact, I spent more on glamour #2's body piece than I did on my small housing plot & its furniture combined :lol:
Love how much you can customize your look though. It used to get so boring in some MMOs where you'd walk around and see so many of the same armour sets from whatever dungeon. Ofc you still get that in FF to a degree but being able to wear some boots from this set, with pants from another etc (and also being able to dye lots of them) whilst keeping the stats of your "current" gear, really opens things up. So good!

Will have to see what the next tomestone set looks like when they're later introduced (or the Nier raid when it arrives) but I'll be rockin' glams for the time being at least methinks :)

Edit: Decided to stick with the second glamour (using the first one for gathering) so made a couple changes:
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