Problems with Patch 1.1

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Problems with Patch 1.1

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 9:51 am

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Over the last few days it's come to light that after patching some people can't access any multiplayer games at all. SoulSeeker was the first person to have this problem when we tried to have our tournament match, and Kahn had the same problem last night when a few of us went to play a friendly match.
This error never occured with either player before they patched to 1.1 so we're assuming that the patch is the cause. The Relic forums, from what i've heard, seem to be littered with patch 1.1 related problems. It's my guess that theres a massive flaw in the patch even though it works fine for some of us.
Chances are if you have a recent error it's patch 1.1 related. I urge you to inform Relic soon so that all problems can be sorted and we can all return to playing together again soon.
The Relic forums where you can report any bugs with the game can be found here: ... 1d3b&f=125
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